Zalman CNPS80F İntel/Amd CPU Fan

Ürün Kodu: 18155 Barkod: 8809213764493

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RenkGri/Siyah fanı
Giriş Voltajı12 V
Bağlantı Konnektör3 pin
Intel SoketLGA 1156 / 1155 / 775 CPU
ADM SoketFM1/FM2/ AM3 / AM2/AM2+ CPUs
Fan Hızı2100 RPM +/-10%
Gürültü Seviyesi20 dBA
Rulman TipiFluid Sheild Bearing
Kontrol MetoduPWM control
Fan Boyutu8 Cm
Boyut102.5 x 98.7 x 48.4 mm
MeteryalPure Aluminum
Ağırlık198 g
Açıklamaİntel/Amd 8 cm ultra quiet CPU Fan

Optimized the angle by tilting the fin, helps to increase the airflow , minimize the noise.


Down blowing type design
Through emitting the air straight from the fan to the mother board, 
it cools down not only the CPU but also the components around it..


One of the Advanced Sleeve bearing FSB Fluid Shield Bearing) applied to prevent
dust and strong cooling performance with 80mm fan with minimized noise.


48.4mm high, small enough to mount into LP(Low Profile) case, perfect for home theater PC, with weight only 198g.


Wide compatibility and easy installation.

  Socket CPU CPU Compatibility
Intel 1155/1156 Core i7 82W or lower
Core i5
Core i3
1150/1151 Core i7 82W or lower
Core i5
775 Core 2 Quad 82W or lower
Core 2 Duo
Pentium Dual Core
Pentium D
AMD FM1 Llano 82W or lower
FM2 Trinity 82W or lower
AM3+ Zambezi 82W or lower
AM3 Athlon II 82W or lower
AM2+ Athlon FX 82W or lower
Athlon X2
AM2 Athlon FX 82W or lower
Athlon X2
940 Opteron Supports all speeds
Athlon FX
939 Opteron Supports all speeds
Athlon FX
Athlon X2
754 Athlon Supports all speeds
Dimensions 102.5(L) x 98.7(W) x 48.4(H)mm
Weight 198g
Base Material Pure Aluminum
Fan Size 80mm
Bearing Type FSB (Fluid Sheild Bearing)
Fan RPM 2500rpm ±10%
Fan Noise 23.8dBA
Connecter 3-Pin
? Please useFan Mate 2to change the fan speed.
The computer system may automatically shut down when booting the computer after the system monitoring program outputs a warning stating that the CPU fan is rotating slowly. In such a case, fully turn the Speed Control Knob in the clockwise direction before rebooting to disable the 'CPU Fan Detected' option in BIOS, or set the CPU fan's rotational speed to 1,350rpm or lower in the system monitoring program.
  Some motherboards fail to boot if the rotational speed of the CPU fan is below a certain rpm. However, booting can be possible even at low fan rpm if the BIOS settings are updated. For more information on updating the BIOS, please refer to the
website of the motherboard's manufacturer. There are motherboards which fail to detect the rpm while operating the cooler in Silent Mode, but this does not affect computing performance.
Excessive force exerted on the fan may damage the fan, resulting in damage to the system.
Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damages resulting from CPU Overclocking.
Liquid metal thermal grease unlike the normal thermal grease it contains electrical conductivity and causes aluminum cooler to rust therefore please avoid using it. Corrosion and short circuits caused by using aluminum cooler are users' responsibility, so please read this carefully before using. (EX: Liquid Pro, Liquid Ultra etcs)

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